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Chania is the top of the mountain of Centaurs, Pelion. The village is 26 km from the city of Volos and has taken its name from the old inns, which hosted those traveling in the area. The mountainous settlement of Chania is the crossroads that connects western with eastern Pelion and is widely known for the ski center that operates in Agriolefkes, a few kilometers from the village.

Chania is surrounded by forests of firs, beeches and chestnuts and is a favorite destination for all seasons. In summer it is a unique oasis of coolness and relaxation, in autumn the forest thickens and in winter a blanket of snow covers the village inviting hikers to indulge in winter sports, while in spring the village is a base for outdoor activities.

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The ski center of Pelion is one of the oldest in Greece and stands out for the unique natural beauty of the forest that surrounds it and for its view. The skiers descend the slopes full of firs, wild white trees and beeches, overlooking the Pagasitic Gulf on one side and the Aegean Sea on the other.
The rest of the year you can try alternative activities offered in the village. You can wander through the lush forests, choosing a hiking trail, cycling from the top to the foot of the mountain or a neighboring village, horseback riding, climbing the mountain slopes or trying archery and shooting. Do not miss the ride with the train of Pelion, called “Mountzouris”.
Tasting and entertainment
Numerous wooden taverns, restaurants and cafes embrace the entire length of the main road. Greek cuisine has a special place in the village and you can taste hot, traditional dishes, but also pastries, syrups and homemade jams. During your visit do not forget to try the local cuisine of the village, as Chania is famous for its traditional spentzofai and Pelion bean soup. In the village you can find many kinds of herbs and herbal drinks with beneficial properties, such as sage, lavender, laurel, chamomile, etc., but also ointments, honey, olive oil and soaps. In most villages you will can also find restaurants that serve tsipouro with famous, delicious delicacies, such as fish, seafood, saganaki, pickles and ointments.
Manthos Mountain Resort & Spa Hotel is located in the heart of the settlement of Chania, a stone’s throw from the ski center Agriolefkes.
Founded in 1910, Manthos Hotel is open all year and is just 1.5 km away from the ski center of Pelion and 40 minutes from the airport of N. Anchialos. Free private parking is available on site. All 40 rooms of the hotel overlook the Pagasitic Gulf and the ski resort, which offers all modern comforts.
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